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Meet our other furry family members

Lilly White: Great Pyrenees
Lilly came to us from my brother and sister-in-law…. thank you for this amazing girl!!! She is everything a Pyr should be: loving, loyal, serious, and simply perfect. When people ask me to describe her, I always say, “Have you every seen Peter Pan? Do you remember Nana? Then you know our Lilly”

Timber: Pixie Bob 9 years old
Tim is such a handsome boy who was so sick when he first came to us that he almost died.  Tim has been nursed back to health and is a beautiful example of his breed!!  He is a full sister to Caillech.

Willow : 27″ Miniature Horse 7 years old
Willow is what happens when I have a day off of work and have a great friend who lets me know about the perfect mini that was being run through the local horse auction 🙁  Well, off my daughter and I go, and home comes Willow. She is the sweetest girl and we are very eager to see what she can do…. once all the snow melts and she delivers her baby!!

Willow getting off the trailer after being saved             Willow’s auction photo that
  and my daughter smiles – – her pony is safe!!                           changed our lives         

Truly a magical friendship

So not only was Willow rescued… but so was her baby!!! I will update on her pregnancy and hoping for a healthy spring foal! Fingers crossed…. 
Willow and her foal, Sky, have gone for training with Nadine in Reading, PA. We look forward to great things from them!!!

Chateau “Lay” Coop : Home to 5 Orpington hens: Millicent, Sun Bun, Petunia, Maggie May, Annabelle, 2 Easter Egger hens: Cookie & Henrietta, 1 Plymouth Rock hen: Rocky, 1 Silkie hen: Fluffy, and 2 Silkie Roosters: Dandelion & Marshmallow. We will be adding to our flock this spring, as I will be hatching a batch of eggs in the classroom.

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge:

Curtsey to the King CGC TDI OVA:
Aussie Chow mix 11 years old Crossed May 2006~ Curtsey came to us as a rescue and grew into the most amazing dog. She was my first introduction to Aussies and their intelligence!! Curtsey helped me to start the C.A.R.E. program at my school and in her 5 1/2 years in the building, she touched hundreds of children’s lives. In 2003, she was inducted into the NJ Animal Hall of Fame for her therapy work at the Lewis School. She loved ‘her’ children so much that she went to school on Friday and said all of her “goodbyes” and then came home and passed away that afternoon on her window seat. She was my heart dog and her paws will never be filled.


Paddington Bear CGC TDI: Catahoula Shepherd mix 8 years old Crossed May 2009 
Paddy was rescued when he was 6 months old and he had a terrible fear of people. Everyone that met him said, “what have you done? You’ll never get through to that dog.” I just said “Give him some time.” And boy – what a thing time is!!! Paddy blossomed into the most incredible dog!! Stunning and noble.  When my daughter was born, Paddy moved in …. under her crib! At night we would hear this noise on the monitor and could never find what it was – – then, one night we saw, Paddy would hop up to check on the baby throughout the night and it was his nails on the crib railing that we heard!!  Everywhere that my daughter went, Paddy was always her shadow.  One Halloween she went a Little Red Riding Hood and Paddy went as the ‘Big Good Wolf’.  It was with a very heavy heart that Paddington crossed the Rainbow Bridge far too early for our liking – – but then, is it ever a good time to lose your constant companion, best friend, brother?

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